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Guest House in the Forest



In search of peace and escape from the city, we found the village of Gryżyna, located in the Gryżyński Landscape Park, Lubusz Voivodeship.
The house standing on the edge of the Park, adjacent to a stream and a beaver habitat, became an inspiration for us to change the way we live, to completely change ourselves.
This decision was largely influenced by the tiredness of the constant rush for perfection. No time for reflection, for stopping over seemingly trivial matters. Lack of joy in small things that ultimately shape the quality of our lives.
The heroes of the programs "Daleko od Miasto" and "Escape to the Country" gave us courage.


Uroczysko Gryżyna


We have several stylish double rooms and an apartment at our guests' disposal. All rooms have their own bathrooms with showers.





Served on a communal table in the living room. We prepare them whenever possible using local and ecological products. It is included in the room rate when booking directly on our website (excluding non-refundable bookings).

Additional breakfast costs PLN 58 per person.  


During the holiday season from June 1 to August 31, dinner is served from Friday to Sunday at 5 p.m., it consists of 3 courses (soup, main course and dessert). The price of dinner is PLN 138 per person. Out of season, we cook at the request of guests, dinner then consists of 2 courses (a starter or soup and a main course) for PLN 98



We have excellent conditions for conducting yoga workshops. We work with qualified yoga instructors who will make you feel blissful. The surroundings of the forest, nature and the omnipresent peace will put you in a state of relaxation and detachment from everyday life.



We organize small company meetings in a slowconference atmosphere. We invite you to organize integration and development meetings. A 100-meter room with a view of the sources of the Gryżynka River, a terrace and the surrounding aura is the perfect solution for such events. The house has a 70" screen connected to a DENON sound system. It is possible to connect it to a computer and a smartphone.

We can   propose a theater, school or informal district setting .  

Wedding celebrations

We want your most beautiful event to take place in the most beautiful scenery. We can organize a humanistic wedding in the garden, a civil wedding or open a gate for you

straight from the garden to the church. A slow wedding celebration when you celebrate your moments. Local sparkling wine, toast and wishes in the garden, original cuisine plus your favorite music. The idyllic aura is the perfect beginning of your long happiness together.


There are 2 independent Wi-Fi internet connections available in the house. Neostrada limited to the possibility of transmitting via a copper cable up to 20 Mbps and a satellite connection up to 50 Mbps, operating in a mesh system.



On the property, surrounded by the Gryżyński Landscape Park, there are places to relax, barbecue and prepare a bonfire. There is an outdoor sauna in the garden with a view of the sources of the Gryżynka River.



Lake Wapienne with an intimate beach is located about 1.5 km from our house. There is a wooden pier next to the sandy beach. During the summer season, water equipment can be rented on site; bikes and sups.


We care about the environment


We want to limit our impact on the environment of the Gryżyński Landscape Park. We partly obtain electricity from photovoltaic installations and we take care of water resources. As usual in the village, everything that comes out of the tap must be taken to the local sewage treatment plant.







Our area is dotted with small vineyards where grape varieties ideal for the light Lubusz soil are grown. The warmest voivodeship in Poland, lakes and forests create ideal conditions for the production of still and sparkling wines.

Golf course


Kalinowe Pola is an ideal place for active recreation with a golf club in a charming environment .



A beautiful town situated on two lakes, some of the deepest in Poland. The city captivates with its architecture, the castle of the Knights of St. John and an interesting gastronomic offer.

Grażyński Landscape Park


One of the smallest landscape parks in our country and, in our opinion, the most beautiful. Oak avenues, ravines, floodplains, watercourses. Absolute silence and no one on the trail, a perfect place to hear the silence filled by nature.



Be sure to go to the village a few kilometers away through the forest from Uroczysko Gryżyna. You can admire sculptures of bears, forest ghosts and others. In this beautiful village, carvers from all over the world create these wonders using chainsaws and axes.

Horse Riding


200 meters from our house there is Rancho Gryżyna, where, under the supervision of Mrs. Jola, you can experience the fun of cleaning horses, then exercising in the paddock and, as an experienced rider, try your hand at riding horses along forest roads.

Lake Wapienne, Gryżyńskie


1,500 meters from ours, there is a picturesque location, surrounded by forest, one of the cleanest lakes in the Middle Oder region. The sandy and intimate beach is the perfect place to relax.

Międzyrzecki Fortification Area


Those interested in history cannot miss this attraction. The system of underground tunnels, railway stations and bunkers was intended to protect the Third Reich against aggression from the east. For several years, the Lubuska Gate became the construction site for fortifications comparable to the Maginot Line.

Niesłysz Lake


It is worth going for a bike ride to Lake Niesłysz. Beautifully shaped, with three peninsulas jutting into it. Its waters also cover two islands. A nesting place for white-tailed eagles, black storks and mute swans.

Uroczysko Gryżyna


A wonderful place with fantastic service, delicious food and an idyllic view. I highly recommend Uroczysko Gryżyna. Perfect for a quiet weekend away
from city .
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