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Lubuskie, the warmest voivodeship in Poland, has excellent conditions for growing grapes. Light, sandy soil with a layer of clay, surrounded by lakes and forests and undulating post-glacial terrain. These are excellent conditions for growing grapes, the tradition of which dates back to the 19th century.

Uroczysko Gryżyna, located halfway between Zielona Góra and Gorzów Wielkopolski, is a perfect starting point for visiting the surrounding vineyards.

Within a 10-kilometer circle there are several smaller and larger plantations. The nearest "Od Nowa" and "Pod Lubuskim Sun" are located just a few kilometers from Gryżyna.


Aris is our latest discovery. It's hard to believe that such good wines have survived our attention for so long.
After all, from Gryżyna it is only 20 minutes by car towards Krosno Odrzańskie.

The Aris vineyard grows six grape varieties with light fruit and one with dark fruit - pinot noir. Both varieties are grown for white wine.

The idea of establishing a vineyard arose in 2016, and the plantings were made two years later.

The trial productions were promising, as the 2019 wine made in symbolic quantities won two medals at the Enoexpo 2020 Fair - Solaris - bronze, and Johanniter - silver.
The debut of the first vintage on sale - AD 2020 wines - took place in March 2021.

The owners of the vineyard are Robert Stawski and Maciej Stępień.



Gostchorze, this is the name of the vineyard where Guillaume Dubois decided to create a small Szamapnia in Lubusz. It is one of the first producers of sparkling wine in Poland. Mr. Dubios is half Polish (after his mother) and half French.

He gained knowledge in winemaking at several specialized courses in Szamania, and for 10 years he has been practicing this knowledge in Gostchorz, where he grows 5 varieties of vines on over 15 hectares.

GostArt is a grape wine, sparkling and dry. Its harmonious, refined taste is created by a unique composition of Riesling, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc grapes. Created according to the French school from Polish fruits growing in the traditional wine region around Krosno Odrzańskie. GostArt owes its excellent taste to ripe grapes and the unique microclimate of the Gostchorze vineyard located on the green hills, right on the Oder River, in the Natura 2000 areas Krośnieńska Dolina Odry. The microclimate of the Gostchorze Vineyard, sandy clay heated by warm wind streams from the Oder meadows, is strongly felt in the aromatic, almost floral bouquet of GostArt.


Od Nowa. A few years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Maria and Tadeusz Olejarz decided to revive the tradition of producing sparkling wine. Years ago, before World War II, Pinot Blanc and Riesling grapes were grown in the area of the current vineyard. They produce excellent sparkling wines using the champagne method, maintaining the highest standards, but using tradition and knowledge for generations. Today, Mr. and Mrs. Olejarz, on an area of almost one hectare, on a hill slightly sloping towards the south, recreated AGAIN what had been forgotten for many years. They grow the same varieties that were grown 100 years ago. Their vineyard is located on the outskirts of Bytnica, which is also our commune.   The production in the vineyard was recognized during the 8th Polish Wine Competition, Jasło 2021. The semi-dry sparkling wine Cuvee 2020 won silver. Cuvee 2020 dry wine was awarded gold and additionally received the Champion award.

winnica Od Nowa


Pod Lubuskim Słońcem is the pride of Mrs. Bożena Schabikowska. Established in 2006, today there are over 3,000 bushes of several varieties: Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Hibernal, Bianca, Jutrzenka, Muscat Odeski, Solaris, Rondo, Regent, Acolon, Cabernet Cortis, Monarch. The decisive factor in the choice of varieties was the location of the vineyard in a relatively flat and open area, where there is a risk of low temperatures and strong winds. Selected varieties are characterized by greater resistance. They are mainly grown in Canada and England, as well as in cold regions of Europe. Moreover, they allow for the widest possible range of production possibilities - from dry wines to champagne and wine made from dried grapes.

Monna 2016 is the Gold Medalist of the Galicja Vitis 2020 competition, 86/100 points. in which 500 wines were assessed by an international jury composed of experienced testers and oenologists from Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


Dry wine from 2016. Stored for 6 months in a Hungarian oak barrel. Produced using natural methods from Acolon, Monarch and Cabernet Cortis varieties. A light wine with a distinct aroma and taste of dark forest fruits - blueberries and blackberries, but also barrel aromas - vanilla, oak with well-balanced tannins. It has a very strong and dark ruby color.

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