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We encourage you to try the cuisine in our home. We prepare our dishes at your request, we do not do anything on request and we do not store anything. We try to buy locally and over the last two years we have checked what and where to buy that would be healthy and tasty. We take your diet into account by offering vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

We don't know anything about keto cuisine, so please be understanding.

Dinner at our place on weekends consists of 3 courses (soup or appetizer, main course, dessert) for PLN 138 per person.

Outside the holiday season, we also cook on weekdays, then dinner consists of 2 courses ( soup or appetizer, main course) for PLN 98 per person.

Water and tea are included in the price of dinner.

However, if you decide to eat out, we have some recommendations for you in alphabetical order.


Gardenbistro was a great discovery and an even greater surprise for us . It's rare to find a cotton napkin to wipe your mouth in a restaurant. This was the first surprise for us. The menu is interesting and has suggestions for everyone. There is also a large offer for vegans and vegetarians. Wines at a good price and a good selection. Competent, smiling and helpful service. Prices adequate to the quality and quantity on the plate. Our bill for 2 starters, 2 main courses, 2 glasses of wine and a carafe of water was approximately PLN 300.

City - Sulechów
Distance - 30 km

Link to menu


Meat Burger and Chips


The name of the restaurant could be considered as quite controversial, however in our opinion, burgers are worth trying. Classic in a good roll, with an equally good piece of meat. 2 burgers and 2 teas bill was approximately 100PLN



Mimosa is a beautiful plant at the beginning of autumn and we have only good associations with it. The cuisine at Mimoza is good, the service is top-notch and the interior is cozy. The restaurant is located in the old town square, so after dinner you can take a walk and see the old buildings of the city, with the remains of the moat and defensive walls.
The bill for 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 glasses of wine is approximately PLN 250.

City of Świebodzin

Distance - 25km

Link to menu



The excellent workshop of Igor, a born Italian , impresses every time. The restaurant located a few steps from Lake Niełysz recommends the authors of the day; fresh, tasty, unique and beautifully presented. Informal atmosphere, friendly service and good wines. Be sure to check opening hours and occupancy, the restaurant is sometimes reserved for groups. Closed on Monday.

Village - Przełazy
Distance - 14km




Delicacies upon delicacies and everything is delicious. For fish lovers, Rybacka Chata is a hit. Fresh fish served in various ways, a shop with local products, very friendly service. You can see that the place is run with passion. The owner has his own breeding ponds and friendly suppliers of sea fish. The restaurant is only open during the season. 2 soups. 2 main courses and 2 teas cost approximately PLN 280.

Village - Wojnowo near Kargowa
Distance - 48km


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Pizza na Cienkim Cieście


Making a good pizza is not difficult, but not everyone knows how to go about it. The one in Sosnówka is excellent, thin dough, cheese does not drip and the amount of ingredients is perfect. The pizza holds up well, almost like a real one from Italy. The pizzeria is open all year round, we especially recommend it in the summer, during a break from sunbathing on Lake Niesłysz. Good food, close to Uroczysko and at a good price. We spent about PLN 80 for 2 pizzas and 2 bottles of non-alcoholic beer.

Village - Niesulice
Distance - 15km



Ważka Restaurant has been recommended by us for a long time and has never disappointed anyone. Located on Lake Łagowskie, the terrace offers a beautiful view. There are a lot of people there, so the food is good. Interesting menu, good service and prices like in a restaurant. We paid about PLN 400 for 2 fish starters, 2 fish main courses, 2 desserts and a bottle of wine.

City - Łagów
Distance - 27km

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